Panobook 2016

Become the panoramic photographer of the year. Join the Panobook 2016 contest!

Kolor Panobook is the biggest contest, based on panoramic photography by stitching, open to everyone, amateur and professional photographers alike.

The jury members, composed of 3 photography experts, have to select 150 winning images among all images submitted. The images awarded are published into a quality hardcover book, the Kolor Panobook.

A gallery of the submitted images is available in real time: you can follow the progress of the contest and share your favorite images at any time with your friends or family through Facebook or Twitter.

Good luck to all!




  • Trophy and exposure

    The winner will receive the Trophy of the "Kolor best panoramic photographer 2016". Moreover, the lucky winner will also be published and interviewed in Landscape Photography Magazine.

  • Winter Aurora Photo Workshops in Iceland

    Take 8 days hunting the perfect light through amazing landscapes in Iceland, the world‘s most beautiful arctic paradise. The focus of the workshop will be ice and night photography.

  • MSI WT72 2OM Laptop workstation

    Get the job done whether you’re stationed at work or on-the-go. The WT72 Mobile Workstation powers through any task with the latest NVIDIA Quadro graphics card and the latest 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor.

  • Print your best photos

    Get 3 prints of a subject of your choice on Epson Semigloss 250g paper with a maximum size of 300x150cm.


  • Manfrotto Redbee 210 PL backpack

    The Pro Light RedBee-210 backpack is designed for professional photographers looking for a light and spacious bag.

  • Manfrotto 290 Dual tripod

    The 290 Dual tripod is a very versatile, suitable for a wide range of photographic styles for middleweight photo and video equipment. This is the perfect solution for creative photographers!

  • Print your best photos

    Get 2 prints of a subject of your choice on Epson Semigloss 250g paper with a maximum size of 300x150cm.


  • Lowepro Pro Runner BP 350 AW II backpack

    Bring your cameras, laptop, storage equipment, travel accessories... The Pro Runner backpack is designed to help organize and protect all of your equipment while still being convenient for traveling.

  • Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand

    A combined mini-tripod / tripod stand that you can bring with you everywhere. Grip your Smartphone to any object or on uneven surfaces for unique pictures!

  • Print your best photo

    Get 1 print of a subject of your choice on Epson Semigloss 250g paper with a maximum size of 300x150cm.



Discover the 2016's edition jury

Renaud Labracherie

Editor-in-chief since 2001, Renaud Labracherie created in 2006 the website to make up for the lack of French technical literature on photography, on the web. Over the last several years, the magazine has become the reference for any photography enthusiast wanting to keep up to date on a constantly growing sector and discovering new techniques and new talents.

Ayrton Camargo

‘’ I was born photographer. I will die photographer. And I think my slogan from the 80’s still rings true today. It’s not WHAT you shoot. It’s the WAY you shoot.’’ Ayrton is a Brazilian photographer. He has shot many photos for various magazines, from fashion to advertising, from sports to documentaries. He specialized in panoramas in the ‘90s.

Stefano Belli

Stefano Belli is an Italian journalist and photographer. He is the founder and editor of the magazine Tutto Digitale, Italy's leading publication about digital photo & video and counts 40 years of career in high-tech journalism. His preferred photography subjects are clocks of all kinds and gastronomy. He is also managing director of Tutto Digitale School, and art director of various events, like Cinema Show, Wedding Festival, Foto Film Food Festival.